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Photos and Report from OR + Snow Show

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  • Pete Saari, Anthony De Rocco and Maxx Von Marbod of Mervin Manufacturing
  • Tiffany and Jeremy Jones of Jones Snowboards
  • Jones Snowboards has expanded its Surf Series with shaper Chris Christenson
  • Ryan Immegart, Todd Hymel and Brent Lantz of Volcom. Volcom's snow business has grown double digits three years in a row.
  • Guttermouth playing at Volcom at the end of Day 1 - Photo courtesy of Volcom
  • The Lane jacket from Volcom is an example of how Volcom is taking its learning from snow into more city styles
  • The Lane jacket has the Volcom TDS insulation system inside
  • The Quiksilver/Roxy booth was jammed most of the day
  • Quiksilver's Bob McKnight, Ted Li and Jeff Brusven with Jay Twitty of Oakley
  • Sasha Hartloff and Kiki Prince of Roxy
  • People lined up for appointments at Patagonia
  • Henry, Xavier and Cedric Nidecker of Nidecker, which is on the hunt for more acquisitions
  • A year after buying Flow, Nidecker has discontinued Flow boards and boots and changed the product to the Nidecker brand. They have kept Flow bindings.
  • Garry Wall of Quiksilver and Thierry Kunz of Nidecker
  • Mike West of 686, Nick Sargent of SIA, and Brian Dunlap
  • 686 won many awards for its new Hydrastash jacket, including from Outside Magazine
  • Brent Sandor of 686 in a marketing meeting
  • A 686 Coors Light collaboration
  • Sasha Dietschi Cooper of Prana
  • The Prana booth
  • Josh Sweeney, Mark Cole and Andrew Sarnecki of HippyTree
  • Lance Eddy, Kevin Casillo and Jared Bevens of Vans
  • The new Vans Verse boot is a collaboration with The North Face called Flash Dry
  • Ej Heintz and Henry Cosio of Vans
  • ThirtyTwo's Brian Cook, Branden Dahl and Pierre Senizergues with new team rider Nicolas Müller
  • Oakley introduced the Prizm React, which has three lenses in one and adjusts to light conditions with the touch of a button
  • GT, Aaron Quigley, Cotter Tillemans, and Michael Marckx of VonZipper
  • The VonZipper booth had a new look
  • VonZipper goggles
  • Domonique Checkwood, Java Fernandez and Garrett Turk of Stance
  • Chad Kummerow of Full Sail Brewing, Blue Montgomery of Capita, Kyle Kennedy of SIA, and George Kleckner of Union
  • Union Bindings for women
  • New boards at Capita
  • Bob Gundram of C3, and Larry Harrison and Joe Bustos of OR
  • Yeti had an elaborate booth
  • Jake Martin, the new Quiksilver Marketing Lead in the Americas with Mike Reilly
  • John Hunt and Sean Keough of Quiksilver
  • Billabong was showcasing its adventure division
  • The beautiful and talented Maggie Gonzalez of B4BC - and my cousin - :)
  • Mark Copeland, Bill Gage, Doug Coger and Austin Olivares of Neff
  • The North Face booth
  • Inside the North Face booth
  • James Biesty of The Good Ride with Bob Carlson of Arbor
  • James Ravenel of Grandview Digital with Mike Reilly of Quiksilver
  • The colorful Pendleton booth
  • Jono Zacharias of 686
  • Frank Messmann of Absolute Board Co. visiting Arbor
  • While the Keen booth looked huge to us, we are told it is smaller than at previous shows
  • Activism at the Keen booth
  • Herschel had a beautiful booth in a less than ideal location in an annex
  • Carve Designs had a nice presence
  • The Smith booth
  • There were long lines to print badges before the show opened
  • The GoPro presentation is not quite as elaborate as it used to be at trade shows
  • The Carhartt booth
  • Exhibitors on the lower level of the show floor

The first combined trade show for Outdoor Retailer and the Snow Show got off to a crowded, busy and energetic start Thursday in Denver.

Outdoor Retailer parent company Emerald Expositions bought the Snow Show from SIA last year for $16 million.

The show filled the main floor of the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver and expanded off the main floor to lower levels and annexes.

Several snow executives commented to us about the improved vibe and energy level of the show and were hopeful that the combined show made it easier for retailers to visit a wide range of brands in one place.

Some brands changed up their booths knowing that they would be exposed to a new set of buyers.


Volcom, for instance, opened up its booth and told more product and snow innovation stories on the exterior.

They still kept the Volcom rebel vibe by having Guttermouth perform a loud and rowdy set at the end of the day, which definitely seemed to surprise some in the OR world.

We heard from lots of snow brands that have been experiencing robust growth, including Nidecker, Capita, Union, Volcom, and Roxy, which contributed to a more upbeat mood in the air.

One brand that stood out for how busy they were was Roxy, which was slammed most of the day. We even heard from competitors about how strong the Roxy product is these days.

On the Outdoor side of the show, Patagonia was absolutely mobbed with a long line of buyers waiting to check in for appointments.


We have lots of photos above in our slide of who we saw Thursday on the show floor.


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