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Photos and Report from Surf Expo

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  • The Reef team brought their "fun in the sun" beach identity to Surf Expo
  • Reef VP of Footwear Tom Cooke, D. Nachnani of Coastal Edge, Reef VP of Marketing Mike Matey, and Wes Laine of Coastal Edge
  • The "Fanning Low" is the updated version of Reef's most iconic sandal featuring a beer bottle opener
  • The Reef women's "Escape" is made of cushion rubber and is biodegradable
  • Reef's perforated boardshort has four-way stretch
  • Billabong Global President Shannan North, Global VP of Merchandising and Design Mark Weber, Sammy Duvall of Curl and VP of Sales Jason Shelton
  • Erin Bouchard showcasing Billabong Women's line
  • Billabong had great feedback from retailers for their Fall 2018 lines
  • Billabong's Fall 2018 line includes both warm and cold weather pieces
  • Salty Crew's Damien Hobgood, Levi Slawson, Jacob Jahn, Jared Lane, Ricco Luppino, Terry Claudio and CJ Hobgood
  • Salty Crew is celebrating their one-year anniversary with Globe
  • Pants are a new category for Salty Crew for Fall 2018 and are selling well
  • Vissla VP of Design Rob McCarty, Stokehouse CEO Paul Naude and Vissla VP of Global Marketing Vince De La Pena
  • Vissla's booth was very interactive, showcasing a variety of East Coast shapers
  • Vissla's wetsuit collection has expanded to include a variety of wetsuits for all temperatures as well as booties and gloves
  • Vissla's booth remained busy throughout the day
  • Pyzel's Dean Jackson and Dan McNamara with the "Radius," the 2017 Stab in the Dark Winner.
  • Pyzel's collection features three main board shapes. The brand is using a prebook model for the first time
  • Pyzel's "The Ghost" is John John Florence's World Title winning board
  • Pura Vida VP of Sales John Gothard with Tom and Dianne Markle of Suncatcher
  • Pura Vida's new wave cuff bracelet has already had good sell-through
  • Pura Vida grew over 50% year over year
  • The Pura Vida booth was busy
  • Kreedom and Crush Mid Atlantic Sales Reps Jeb Brinson, Mitch Baker, Sales Rep Robbie Jepson, National Sales Manager Ryan Warner, 17th Street Surf Shop Owner Tom Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing Curt Fry, Samantha Foster of 17th Street Surf Shop, and President Sean Sullivan
  • Kreedom introduced their new "Rove" Collection, featuring polarized glasses for the outdoor enthusiast
  • Kreedom and Crush saw 30% growth in their core channels in 2017
  • Amuse Society VP of Design and Merchandising Lydia Ballesteros
  • This new Amuse embroidered denim jacket has sold well
  • Amuse showcased their Fall 2018 collection, which features palm prints and soft fabrications
  • Vissla's Richard Sanders, Gerardo Diaz of La Gran Via Puerto Rico, D'Blanc's Don Dyer and Enrique Ledo of La Gran Via
  • D'Blanc's premium injected polarized lenses are priced at $125
  • D'Blanc's women's line has a handful of new frames and is seeing good sell-through
  • The Amuse x D'Blanc collaboration features animal prints and the popular blush pink
  • Da Fin Co-Founder Kenui Cochran and Stokehouse CEO Paul Naude showing the Vissla x Da Fin collaboration fin
  • Dark Seas' Joe Comba, Nick Lhotsky, Andrew Mercier and Chris Broders
  • Dark Seas collaborated with Grundens on this weather resistant jacket
  • This Dark Seas vest is thermal lined

Surf Expo got off to a busy start on Thursday in Orlando. 

Despite the overlap with Outdoor Retailer, many large brands such as Billabong, Reef, Hurley, Vans and O’Neill attended the show.

Booths of small and large companies alike were filled throughout the day. 

Brands such as Vissla, Billabong and Dark Seas were excited to support their East Coast retailers, especially after the September show was cut short by Hurricane Irma. 

We were happy to see many Puerto Rico retailers in attendance. We heard from many brands and retailers that business is picking back up in Puerto Rico, with many stores experiencing a successful holiday season.

The majority of brands were showcasing their Fall 2018 collections, with some showing Spring and Summer 2018.

For most brands, the Fall 2018 line is the most broad, giving them the opportunity to show pieces for both warm and cold weather. 

Because the show is later in January this year, the Fall 2018 buying period is over for many brands. This led to more creative booths centered around the brands’ identity instead of solely the products.

Check out photos from day one in the slideshow above.



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