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Surftech’s 2017 Year End Awards

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  • SURF Retailer of the Year - Surfride in Solana Beach
  • SUP Retailer of the Year - My Aloha Paddle & Surf
  • Canadian Retailer of the Year - Live To Surf in Tofino, BC
  • Sales Rep of the Year - Ryan Mahoney
  • SUP Ambassador of the Year - Meg Bosi from Bonita Springs, FL
  • Surf Ambassador of the Year - John Afshari from Solana Beach, CA 
  • Top Selling Surf Model for 2017 - CI Rocket 9 in Fusion Dual-Core
  • Top Selling SUP for 2017 - Surftech Chameleon TEKefx Hybrid Touring

As 2017 comes to a close the team at Surftech has taken a moment to look back at a great year and has created awards to recognize some of the outstanding performances.

SURF Retailer of the Year - Surfride in Solana Beach

Surfride is one of the premier Surf shops in the US, they have two locations in North County San Diego, one in Solana Beach and the other in Oceanside, CA. Surfride was the first shop in the US to stock a full rack of our new CI Fusion Dual-Core models, and have had great sell-through all season. YTD they have had a 15% increase over last season and have carried 36 different models from our line.

SUP Retailer of the Year - My Aloha Paddle & Surf

My Aloha Paddle & Surf is based on Lake Norman in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have two on water locations and are 100% SUP specialty. My Aloha is Cuckoo for Cocomat. They carry the best selection of NSP SUP in the US and love the benefits of the premium Cocomat Construction. They carry 11 different models, and have seen a 10% growth over 2016 on a large business.


Canadian Retailer of the Year - Live To Surf in Tofino, BC

Live To Surf is the original Tofino surf shop, and is a full service shop that covers all the bases. Live to Surf carries both Surf and SUP.  They also have a great Surf school that exposes thousands a year to Surf and SUP. Their Surftech business is up 21% over 2016 and they carry 34 different models from the line.

Sales Rep of the Year - Ryan Mahoney

Ryan covers Southern California for Surftech and NSP. He has been with Surftech for two years and has been instrumental in exposing retailers and consumers to Surftech’s latest technologies. Ryan now manages the largest single Surftech/ NSP territory in the US, and has had 30% growth over 2016.

SUP Ambassador of the Year - Meg Bosi from Bonita Springs, FL


Meg is entrenched in the Florida SUP race scene and travels to some of the major races in the South East. It was her other efforts though that gave Meg the Ambassador of the year title. Meg is Tier 3 Special Olympic coach, exposing these amazing athletes to paddling, creating events and raising money for the organization. Currently Meg is promoting group paddles in Southern Florida and the Keys in an effort to gather volunteers aiding in the clean up after Hurricane Irma.

Surf Ambassador of the Year - John Afshari from Solana Beach, CA 

If you have ever been in a North County lineup, chances are you will recognize John as the most stoked guy in the water. John will ride anything and has tested nearly every board in the Surftech/ NSP line. When he is not surfing for himself John is helping others. John coaches and mentors special needs individuals, his special needs service hosts surf camps and specializes in adaptive surfing.

Top Selling Surf Model for 2017 - CI Rocket 9 in Fusion Dual-Core

"The Rocket9 is suited to your average waves like we find around California. It works great in beach breaks because it can be skatey when you want to generate speed, but then you step back on the tail and can absolutely hammer some vert wall.  I also think that with the shorter nature of it, it fits really well in the tighter transitions of beach breaks.  I think the optimal range for this board would be 2 to 6 foot beach breaks" - Dane Gudauskas

Top Selling SUP for 2017 - Surftech Chameleon TEKefx Hybrid Touring

The SUP Connect award winning Chameleon TEKefx bridges the gap from recreational paddling to adventure touring.  This hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull to create a board that is exceptionally stable yet still has the drive.  Designed for the enthusiast who wants to do more than just go for a casual paddle.

About Surftech

Surftech was founded in 1989 in a quest to create and utilize new composite technologies that would bring game changing constructions to the surf and SUP industries. Surftech builds boards for the best, most prestigious surf and SUP shapers on the planet. Today we continue to develop with the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available while continuing to push the boundaries of manufacturing. Keeping the waterways clean is the first priority so Surftech is incorporating a high-level of sustainability in the materials and methods.

About NSP (New Surf Project)

At NSP, we go the extra step in our design, technology and manufacturing techniques used in all our boards. With an NSP Surf or SUP, you can be sure that only the best research, development, design, manufacturing and customer support goes into everything we do. We respect the environment and the world we play in and are proud to have our sustainability values and years of implementing new technologies and techniques to reduce environmental impacts recognized by Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project. NSP or New Surf Project is renowned for producing great performing, highly durable boards which last longer than traditionally built boards, offering better value to all our customers and a greater return on investments for surf schools and rental operators while reducing landfill waste. Come join our community, become an NSP rider and live the adventure! Learn more at

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